Frau Wirtins tolle Töchterlein (1973)

The Countess Died of Laughter (German: Frau Wirtins tolle Töchterlein, Italian: Leva lo diavolo tuo dal... convento) is a 1973 Austrian-Italian sex comedy film directed by Franz Antel. It is the final entry in Franz Antel's series Frau Wirtin and incorporates a great deal of archive footage from earlier films.

Susanne Delberg (Teri Tordai as Terry Torday) who has become Countess Süderland dies under absurd circumstances. It is revealed that Susanne had a daughter, the heiress to her inheritance but her identity is obscure, although it is known that she has been living in a convent. The handsome executor Vincent van der Straten (Gabriele Tinti) is assigned for the task. There are five possible candidates: Françoise (Maja Hoppe), Clarissa (Femi Benussi as Femy Benussi), Susanne (Sonja Jeannine), Piroschka (Marika Mindzenthy), and Anselma (Alena Penz). Van der Straten decides to stay at the convent to find the real heiress but things soon prove to be difficult for him since all the candidates happen to be as raunchy as late Susanne. (Wikipedia)

Fiche Techinque :
Directed by Franz Antel, Produced by Franz Antel, Carl Szokoll; Written by Kurt Nachmann, Vittoria Vigorelli; Starring : Gabriele Tinti, Teri Tordai... Music by Stelvio Cipriani, Cinematography : Siegfried Hold, Distributed by Constantin  film (West Germany); Release date : 11 April 1973 (Italy); 19 April 1973 (West Germany); Running time : 86 minutes, Country : Austria-Italy, Language : German-Italian...

Cast :
Gabriele Tinti: Vincent van der Straten, Teri Tordai: Susanne Gräfin Süderland (als Terry Torday), Femi Benussi: Clarissa, Kurt Großkurth: Mönch, Maja Hoppe: Françoise, Sonja Jeannine: Susanne...

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